News 06/2022 / Novinky


ANTHROPOPHAGOUS "Death Fugue" MC FUNERAL MIST "Days of Impure Holiness" MC GRAVE MIASMA "Abyss of Wrathful Deities" MC GRIUM "Cestou Hriechu" MC HALLUXVALGUS "Reflections of Distant Dreams" MC INCARCERATION "Catharsis" MC JPI VIO-LENS KOMMAND “Death to Thee.. Rehearsal Tape” MC (OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION) MENACE "Apostles of Violence" MC MORBID ANGEL DUST “Demo” MC NĀV "Arcizlo" MC# NEUROSIS “The Day After” MC PHTHISIS "Embodiment of Decay" MC PUTRID EVOCATION "Eternal Gloom: A Void of Agony and Repugnancy" MC VELLOCET "Here is the Warning/Captive of Reality" MC TELEPATIE #4 zine Official distribution of LIFE ETERNAL's latest abominations // Oficiálna distribúcia aktuálnych nechutností od LIFE ETERNAL

BLACK GOAT "Dominion of Fire" LP GLASNIK SMRTI "Demo br. I" MC

Small sample from the crypts of Chilean ORATORIVM and HYPNOTIC DARKNESS Records // Malá ukážka z vydavateľských katalógov ORATORIVM a HYPNOTIC DARKNESS Records z Chile

INVOCATION "Attunement to Death" MC OLDEATH "Rise from Majestic Darkness" CD SLAVE SPIRIT "Desconocida Dimensión Espiritual" CD

Massive old demo's onslaught from malaysian FUNERALIGHT Records // Totálny 90's demo masaker od malajzijských FUNERALIGHT Records

BEHEADED NASRANI "Rehearsal '89" MC BELIAL "Demo 1" MC BELIAL "Demo 2" MC EURONYMOUS "Surrender unto Evil" MC MORBIUS "Morbius" MC MORBIUS "2nd Demo” MC