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ANTHROPOPHAGOUS "Death Fugue" MC FUNERAL MIST "Days of Impure Holiness" MC GRAVE MIASMA "Abyss of Wrathful Deities" MC GRIUM "Cestou Hriechu" MC HALLUXVALGUS "Reflections of Distant Dreams" MC INCARCERATION "Catharsis" MC JPI VIO-LENS KOMMAND “Death to Thee.. Rehearsal Tape” MC (OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION) MENACE "Apostles of Violence" MC MORBID ANGEL DUST “Demo” MC NĀV "Arcizlo" MC# NEUROSIS “The Day After” MC PHTHISIS "Embodiment of Decay" MC PUTRID EVOCATION "Eternal Gloom: A Void of Agony and Repugnancy" MC VELLOCET "Here is the Warning/Captive of Reality" MC TELEPATIE #4 zine Official distribution of LIFE ETERNAL's latest abominations // Oficiálna distribúcia aktuálnych nechutností od LIFE ETERNAL

BLACK GOAT "Dominion of Fire" LP GLASNIK SMRTI "Demo br. I" MC

Small sample from the crypts of Chilean ORATORIVM and HYPNOTIC DARKNESS Records // Malá ukážka z vydavateľských katalógov ORATORIVM a HYPNOTIC DARKNESS Records z Chile

INVOCATION "Attunement to Death" MC OLDEATH "Rise from Majestic Darkness" CD SLAVE SPIRIT "Desconocida Dimensión Espiritual" CD

Massive old demo's onslaught from malaysian FUNERALIGHT Records // Totálny 90's demo masaker od malajzijských FUNERALIGHT Records

BEHEADED NASRANI "Rehearsal '89" MC BELIAL "Demo 1" MC BELIAL "Demo 2" MC EURONYMOUS "Surrender unto Evil" MC MORBIUS "Morbius" MC MORBIUS "2nd Demo” MC



We are now the official distributor of all merchandise from bands MALOKARPATAN, KROLOK & STANGARIGEL. For the actual availability of their stuff, check it out on their bandcamp pages (the items will be updated here in the distro section too).


Sme oficiálnym distribútorom vydaní a merchu od kapiel MALOKARPATAN, KROLOK & STANGARIGEL. Pre aktuálnu dostupnosť titulov sleduj ich bandcamp profily (naša distro sekcia bude pravidelne aktualizovaná).



News 01/2022 / Novinky / KROLOK, GOATCRAFT, STANGARIGEL - official distribution

ANGKOR VAT  "Southern Blood/Vat-tack" MC
EISENHAND  “Fires Within” MC
GOAT TYRANT  “Into the Greater Chasm” MC
ILLKULN  “Black Tusk Malignancy” MC
MIDNIGHT PREY  “Uncertain Times” MC (+pin)
MVLTIFISSION  "Decomposition in the Painful Metamorphosis" MC
NOCTURNAL  “Serpent Death” MC
PHANTASMAGORE  "Insurrection or Submission" MC
XANDRIL  “The Vision of Rotting Darkness: The Demos 1983-1988” 2-MC Box
APOSTASY  "Death Return" CD
APOSTASY  "The Blade of Hell" CD
BUNKER 66  “Beyond the Help of Prayers” CD
DEATHLY SCYTHE  "Celestial Darkness" CD
DRESDEN  “Anthology” 2-CD
GOAT TYRANT  "Towards the Threshold of Death" MCD
KRINGA  "Feast upon the Gleam" CD
VENATOR  “Paradiser” MCD
VENGEANCE SORCERY  "In Oath to Torment, Unrelenting…" CD
VIGILANCE  “Hammer of Satan's Vengeance” CD
BLOOD RITES  "Cursed Blood" 7”EP
GOATCRAFT  “The Beast of Hell” T-SHIRT

OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION / Oficiálne distribuované tituly

KROLOK “Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky” MC
The last album and a continuation of obscure black metal in pure 90's tradition. Cassette version licensed from Osmose Productions.
Nedávno vydaný nový album pokračuje v tradícii black metalu 90.-tych rokov s vlastným rukopisom. Kazetová verzia licencovaná od Osmose Productions.
Price / Cena: 9 €

GOATCRAFT  “Spheres Below” LP
Official vinyl versions from Necroeucharist, Hexencave and In League With Satan Productions in limited quantities, please write which one do you want. ---

Oficiálne vinyl verzie od Necroeucharist, Hexencave a In League With Satan Productions, v objednávke napíš o ktorú máš záujem.

Price / Cena: regular black/čierny vinyl 15 €, baptized in goat blood/krstený kozou krvou 15 , gatefold 17 , ash grey/šedý vinyl 16

STANGARIGEL  “Na Severe Srdca” MC
This album re-awakens the old spirit of first works by ULVER or SATYRICON with own regional inspirations. Release from Into The Night in conspiracy with Hexencave Productions.
"Join in for a ride through enchanted Slovakian woodlands and starlit mountain passes, where the land of phantoms unfolds".
Tento album oživuje tradície nórskeho štýlu black metalu spred tridsiatich rokov ale s vlastnými regionálnymi inšpiráciami. Vydané pod značkou Into the Night v spolupráci s Hexencave Productions.
"Vydajte sa na cestu čarovnými slovenskými lesmi a hviezdami osvetlenými horskými priesmykmi, kde sa rozprestiera krajina prízrakov".

Price / Cena: 8 


AMON "Kniha Smrti" / "Realm of Evil" 2-MC box, "Alive in Hell" MC + News 09/2021 / Novinky


AVP009:  AMON  "Kniha Smrti" / "Realm of Evil" 2-MC box

Czech black metal legend and their earliest two demo recordings released shortly after the fall of the iron curtain ! 
Stamp-printed DIY slipcase and a booklet with many unseen photos and two stickers. The covers and the music were preserved in their original form, yet the sound is clear and audible. All materials were provided by Dr.Fe himself. 
Limited to 200, released in cooperation with LIFE ETERNAL Productions.

Price: 15 euros + postage
Write for possible but selected trades.


Legenda českého Black Metalu a ich prvé dve demá vydané onedlho po revolúcii. Obe kazety majú originálne obaly aj zvuk (podklady poskytol exkluzívne Dr.Fe) a sú zabalené v ručne potláčanom DIY boxe spolu s bookletom a dvomi samolepkami. Zvukovo sa nejedná o žiadny kanál. Vydanie limitované na 200 kusov, vydané v spolupráci s LIFE ETERNAL Productions.

Cena: 15 eur + poštovné
Píšte ohľadom možnej výmeny. 

AVP010: AMON  "Alive in Hell" MC

Live recording from 1993 with great power and killer sound, not some useless crap.
Super rare material and a must have. Limited circulation of 200 tapes released in cooperation with LIFE ETERNAL Productions.

Price: 6 euros + postage
Write for possible trades.


Ultra raritný živák z roku 1993, vydaný a šírený kedysi samotnou kapelou. 
Zvuk skvelo dokumentuje silu kapely v tej dobe a rozhodne sa nejedná o žiadny nepočúvateľný odpad. Vydané v spolupráci s LIFE ETERNAL Productions v limitovanom počte 200 kusov.

Cena: 6 eur + poštovné
Write for possible trades.


News 6.9.2021 / Novinky

Filth Junkies

MACE HEAD "Sanctuary" MC
REPUKED "Pervertopia: 10th Years Anniversary" MC

Tapes of Terror

LIQUID STEEL "Mountains of Madness" MC
SHADOW WARRIOR "Rockout Sessions" MC

Life Eternal Productions last titles in two weeks in stock / do dvoch týždňov na sklade

HEPTAMERON "Grand Masters of the Final Harvest" LP


BARBAR, HELLPREACHER, HELLAVENGER official distributed titles / oficiálna distribúcia


BARBAR  "Demo" MC + shirt / tričko (M, L)
Atmospheric crust d-beat with strong Summoning/Burzum feeling from Slovakia, I'm sure you've never heard something like this before. 
Atmosférický crust d-beat so silným vplyvom Summoning/Burzum zo Slovenska.

Price / Cena: 4 € + postage, shirt (M, L): 10 € + postage

HELLAVENGER  “The Primordial Flame - Promo Adv. MMXXI”
Chilean thrash metal mastery with pure energy, darkness and devotion. If you love Dark Angel, Slayer or Funeral Nation, you can't be wrong here. 
Thrash metal s hrdým satanistickým odkazom z Chile, pre fanúšikov starých Slayer, Dark Angel alebo Funeral Nation.

Price / Cena: 3 € + postage

HELLPREACHER  "Resurrection" 7"EP
Another killer release from Life Eternal. Exhumation of an old '86 demo from the golden times of first death metal recordings released now on seven inch black wax. Drummer Javier Villegas played later in Necrovore.
Life Eternal vydáva demo materiál starej texaskej thrash/death metal mršiny z roku '86 na vinylovom sedempalci. Bubeník Javier Villegas hral neskôr v Necrovore.

Price / Cena: 8 € + postage


News 2.5.2021 / Novinky

ABHORROT  "Abysmal Echoes" MC

BLACK HOSTS  "Times of Eternal Torture" MC

GOAT TYRANT / DOOMBRINGER "The Darkside's Calling into the Crypts of Oblivion” split MC


HELL TREPANNER  "Entrance to Hell" MC

INFERNAL CURSE  "Проклятие над Сердика" MC

PATHETIC  "Rat King" MC EMBRIONAL / EMPHERIS “The Spectrum of Metal Madness” split CD

GOAT TYRANT  “Into the Greater Chasm” CD

PATHOGEN  “Lust of Evil” CD



KRUTÁ ZIMA  "The Last from Skaven Race" 7"EP TEROZIN #7 zine



GOATCRAFT "Spheres Below" MC + News 16.2.2021 / Novinky

Time has come to reveal one hidden release from 2019. Goatcraft's Spheres Below was officially released as compact disc at the turn of the year and this tape represents it
's first mix version released on tapes for the promotion purposes of the Reaping Chile 2019 Tour. 
Last copies available in the distro section. Destructive blackened Death Metal.

Price: 7 € + postage


Nadišiel čas na odhalenie skrytého vydania AVP z roku 2019. Debut Spheres Below od Goatcraft bol vydaný na kazetách za účelom propagácie počas turné Reaping Chile 2019 a obsahuje prvý mix nahrávky v demo podobe. Posledné kusy sú k dispozícii v distro sekcii.
Beštiálny zčernalý Metal smrti.

Cena: 7 € + poštovné


News 16.2.2021 / Novinky

AMON GOETH "The Worship" MC
BLOODFIEND  "Damnation from the Deep" MC
BLOODSTORM  "Nocturnal Blood" MC
DESTRUCTION  "Bestial Invasion from Hell" MC
GRAVEWARDS  "Subconscious Lobotomy" MC
KROLOK  "Flying Above Ancient Ruins" MC (RE-STOCK)
KROLOK  "When the Moon Sang our Songs" MC
MAGNUS  "Scarlet Slaughterer" MC  (RE-STOCK)
PUTRESCINE  "Putrescent Utterrance" MC
SEPTICEMIA  "Sabbath Conventions" MC ALCOHOLIC FORCE "Gasoline Drinkers: Fantomania IV" CD
CRUCIFIER "Merciless Conviction" CD
GOATCRAFT  "Spheres Below" CD (OFFICIAL Distribution)
RIOTOR  "Cursed Throne" CD
TORMENTOR  "Anno Domini" CD
VENOMWOLF  "Stormriding Power" CD FORGOTTEN CHAPEL zine #10 
NECROSPHERE zine #15, #16