BARBAR, HELLPREACHER, HELLAVENGER official distributed titles / oficiálna distribúcia


BARBAR  "Demo" MC + shirt / tričko (M, L)
Atmospheric crust d-beat with strong Summoning/Burzum feeling from Slovakia, I'm sure you've never heard something like this before. 
Atmosférický crust d-beat so silným vplyvom Summoning/Burzum zo Slovenska.

Price / Cena: 4 € + postage, shirt (M, L): 10 € + postage

HELLAVENGER  “The Primordial Flame - Promo Adv. MMXXI”
Chilean thrash metal mastery with pure energy, darkness and devotion. If you love Dark Angel, Slayer or Funeral Nation, you can't be wrong here. 
Thrash metal s hrdým satanistickým odkazom z Chile, pre fanúšikov starých Slayer, Dark Angel alebo Funeral Nation.

Price / Cena: 3 € + postage

HELLPREACHER  "Resurrection" 7"EP
Another killer release from Life Eternal. Exhumation of an old '86 demo from the golden times of first death metal recordings released now on seven inch black wax. Drummer Javier Villegas played later in Necrovore.
Life Eternal vydáva demo materiál starej texaskej thrash/death metal mršiny z roku '86 na vinylovom sedempalci. Bubeník Javier Villegas hral neskôr v Necrovore.

Price / Cena: 8 € + postage